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from Fuzzytails by Lisa McCue

Hey, guess what! Lisa is a creator of cool new toy's, fun games and crafts too! That same inspirational place that give's life to Lisa's books comes alive in her toy, game and craft products.
Here is just a sample!
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Toys, Games and Crafts by Lisa McCue
HideAway Pets®, Patented Play Face Pals™, Patented
HideAway Pets Play Face Pals Hug A Petz™, Patented,
with Patent Pending

Hug A Petz
Rainbow Hedgehogs®, Patented Jibballs™, Patented
Rainbow Hedgehogs Jibballs
Glitzee Mittzee™, Patented Monster Mitty™, Patented
Glitzee Mittzee Monster Mitty
Patented carry along, convertible, purse and backpack puppets
Curl-Away Critters™, Patented  
Cyrl Away Critters But wait, there's more! Contact us for our newest toys, games and great craft products

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